Canada 2016

EMMA Collaboration, Saskatchewan, Canada

Last year, Pre Trump.

I was elated to be invited to Canadian collaboration, EMMA. This was the original Collaboration now held at the beautiful Ness Creek site in the Boreal Forests two and a half hours north of Saskatoon in central Canada.

Needless to say, a crap long hall flight passing through LAX, big mistake. This was the only down side of an amazing 6 week Canadian arts experience.

Moved in with M. Craig Campbell and Bev Orr in Saskatoon. Craig is a blacksmith I worked with at the NZ Collaboration and Bev his long suffering artist support system. As part of the jet lag recovery i joined Bev and Craig at the 4 day Ness Creek Music Festival which was fantastic. I felt young again and could stay up really late (I was still on Aus time). This was held at the site we would use for EMMA and was fantastic. I'm sure i met and chatted with half the 4000+ people there.

We returned to Saskatoon and prepared for EMMA. I was Craigs worshop bitch and while he did all the organisy committee bits I built racks and vice stands and drank gin and beer. Life was hard as I also had to meet new friends, catch up with old friends as they arrived for EMMA and drink and eat with them all. Enough of the hardships.

Words fail me so pictures take over.