Bill Dorman

Bill Dorman is a Goulburn based beard grower, maker/artist and teacher, working in metal, wood, and whatever other material and junk that comes his way. His work ranges from fine jewellery to steel sculpture, furniture to useless widgets, set design to installations and anything else that takes his fancy.

Bill is very involved in the Artist Collaboration movement. He has been actively involved in the Australian artist collaboration held in Bowral. He has been an invited international resource artist to New Zealand’s artist collaboration, CollaboratioNZ, as well as EMMA international, the artist collaboration held in Saskatchewan Canada. He has been invited back as resource artist again to EMMA this year and to New Zealand in 2019.

Bill has taught woodwork, metalwork, jewellery and sculpture for 30 years in high school and evening college. He regularly teaches at the Cooroora Institue in Cooroy, Qld and has been invited to teach at ForestART at Ness Creek in Canada this year.

He has exhibited at the Saskatchewan Craft Council Gallery in Saskatoon, several times at Goulburn Regional Art Gallery, Cooroora Institute in QLD, Fibre Design in Goulburn, The Goulburn Brewery, the Global Greens Conference in Canberra, arts festivals in Newcastle, TAFE exhibitions in Goulburn and, of course, the fabulous Taralga Art Show since its inception. He was also the Visual Arts Coordinator for the Goulburn GRAB festival and the Goulburn Olympic torch relay as well as visual artist on numerous Lieder Youth Theatre shows.